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    feedback on play session 3 "Drowned in Spirits"

    The Merlin
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    feedback on play session 3 "Drowned in Spirits" Empty feedback on play session 3 "Drowned in Spirits"

    Post  The Merlin on Wed Sep 03, 2014 3:26 am

    please enter your feedback here. Anything you want to see more of? Less?

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    feedback on play session 3 "Drowned in Spirits" Empty Re: feedback on play session 3 "Drowned in Spirits"

    Post  Slagathore on Wed Nov 05, 2014 7:57 pm

    OK, no one ever gives real gaming feedback on sites like this. We have a particularly conflict averse group when it comes to such things. But I don't suffer from that issue. So hang on.

    The session was great. You did a phenomenal job of keeping us going and not letting us get too far down rabbit holes. You provided enough direction that we didn't feel like we were spinning our wheels. You didn't get caught up in off topic discussions, but you still let them go for a moment or two before bringing us back in. You allowed us our moments to shine. I think you did a fantastic job of preparing. I loved all you prepared and all that you did on the fly. You are a good GM.

    I would like to see you work on connecting better with people's aspects, but I have learned how hard that really is in running a DFRPG game. (5 aspects + a trouble and a high concept x 6 players equals 42 things to watch for? Crazy!!!) And I would really like to see more fate chips given out. It is a mechanic which results in players stretching more. When the GM is stingy with Fate Chips, the players will tend to hold them for emergencies. If that's what you want then don't change anything. I like to give them out much more freely in my game. And try to develop a standard so players know what to do to get them. Then you will have us turning like pigeons in a BF Skinner experiment.

    That is all. You have done a really good job.

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