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    Fazil in the future

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    Fazil in the future Empty Fazil in the future

    Post  Michael Pearson on Wed Sep 03, 2014 10:35 am

    Still shaken by the psychic attack upon himself, Fazil looks inward to himself. He continues his relationship with Debora, train with the church once or twice a week, the discipline and now how to fight never did any street urchin any harm.
    I will also check in with my handlers, they tend to get frustrated when i skip a couple of weeks. I ask for a small request, this is my chance to break with LF,"can I be permanently assigned to this group' since he seems to want to keep track of them." We shell see were that goes.
    My life seems to be coming into focus, having a crush on a pretty girl can do that, it seems that doing good mat be a better future for me. Of course  I will use every tool that I have in whatever means necessary to accomplish that. In short the "church" must thrive.

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